Tessera roller blind SOT14061 Basic matte black Ford Ranger

Tessera roller blind SOT14061 Basic matte black Ford Ranger

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The new generation “Tessera Roll+” aluminum roller blind with LED light with eight patents, available for the Ford Ranger Raptor with double cab. Among the many similar products on the market, this one stands out for its revolutionary and futuristic design and versatility. The cargo area cover is durable and 100% handmade from the highest quality raw materials. Product with a 3-year warranty on materials and workmanship.

Upgradeable from “BASIC” to “SPRING, S-Kit” or “ELECTRIC, E-Kit” by adding one of the kits: S-Kit or E-Kit, at any time, without tools or special knowledge.

S-Kit: The addition of this special spring results in an even smoother, quieter and safer automatic retraction of the blind into the cassette. The spring is mounted and protected inside an aluminum (heavy-duty) center shaft (direct drive system) and does not take up additional space in the vehicle’s trunk.

E-Kit: The only drive system on the world market that does not require calibration to the length of each vehicle’s trunk, as it does so automatically thanks to the AI controller board. Electric motor with specially designed remote control. Triple operating system (cell phone app, “One Touch” rear trim operation, Key Fob remote control)



Specially designed pack lid for easy access and control of the Tessera Roll+.

Easy, safe, no-drill installation thanks to special aluminum side rails (5 mm thick) with built-in profiles

New top quality anti-theft central locking system

2 specially designed Φ20 drainage systems, with 2 overflow systems and integrated “ANTI-LEAF” technology in the cargo-pack area, for improved drainage and protection against water ingress (60 liters/minute).

Installation possible on both vehicles with and without cargo bed liners

A practical red LED light bar that can be used as a traffic light, brake light, and, if retrofitted with an e-Kit, as an obstacle warning signal or even as an alarm

Robust roller shutter retraction system providing full protection for spring (s-Kit) or electric motor (e-Kit).

Contributes to improved vehicle aerodynamics resulting in reduced fuel consumption

Compact design housing provides greater carrier capacity

The strongest and most durable rolling shutter on the world market

Specially designed, wider, stronger and “puncture-proof” slats for 100% load security and carefully crafted rubber covers provide excellent insulation and protection from water and dust


Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 168 × 40 × 40 cm


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